Podsumowanie Erasmus plus


I had the oppurtunity to study In Olsztyn for 4 months, from February to June 2019. I lived in Kortowo campus, in the dormitory number 6, where I had the chance to meet new friends from all around the world. During that period I followed classes and worked in four different wards, under the guidance of four nurses. My experience was fantastic: I had the chance to learn new techniques, challenge myself to pursue new objectives and compare my knowledges with the other students.

Students, teachers and hospital staff were always kind and ready to help and give advice. I had the chance to work along other students during seminars, laboratories and practical traineeships and we managed to work as a team, despite not speaking the same language.

Each nurse I was assigned to during my traineeships was instructed, professional and passionate about their job and wanted to make me feel comfortable in a setting that could be intimidating and unfamiliar, but that quickly became my everyday life and a familiar place.


Paolo Fenu